All Aspiring New Members

If you are interested and your heart is in it to become a member, please see the information listed below as well as check the events page for the new member orientation dates.


Membership Covenant

Faith Crossing Baptist Church exists to bring glory to God by making disciples though gospel-centered worship, community, services, and multiplication.

New Member Orientation

Knowing Jesus Christ as one's Lord and Savior is the most important and significant decision that a person can make. The purpose of this training material is to help you understand salvation and what the Bible teaches about being a follower of Christ and a faithful church member.

Personal Testimony

  • Before Paul met Christ – Acts 26:4-11
  • How Paul met Christ – Acts 26:12-15
  • After Paul met Christ – Acts 26:16-23

Part 1: Before I trusted Christ as my Savior, I lived and thought this way….

  • My life revolved around?
  • My behavior was like?
  • How did you look for security, happiness, and peace of mind?

Part 2: How I came to repent and believe the gospel…

  • How did you come to the understanding that you were lost, and a sinner in need of Christ?
  • What was it that helped you understand what Christ had done for you?

Part 3: How I know that I am Christian and how I am living as a disciple today…

  • What changes have taken place in your life since trusting Christ as Savior (habits, actions, attitudes….)?
  • How does living as a disciple differ from when you were not a follower of Christ?

Things to keep in mind when writing your testimony:

  1. Get to the point, keep it short and sweet.
  2. Include a few verses that mean something to you.
  3. Include how you trusted Christ.
  4. Be honest and true to your self, don’t exaggerate.
  5. leave some stories on the cutting floor.
  6. Avoid religious lingo, just be you.