Our Staff

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Craig & jana wright

Senior Pastor

Craig has been our pastor since 2010.  He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Jana, since 1980.  They have five children, four of which have families of their own.  Isabel, the fifteen-year-old bonus baby, is still in the nest.

Craig enjoys hanging out with his personal family and his church family.  He is committed to faithfully preaching the Word of God and enjoys making disciples of the men of the church.


Mike Hinckley & Family

Youth Pastor

Mike has been a Christian for 14 years.  He is married to his beautiful wife, LeAnna, and the Lord has given them three wonderful children, Cora (11), Isaac (6), and Livingstone (4).  He has served as the Youth Pastor since May 2017.  His desire is to preach the Word of God faithfully, boldly, with gentleness, and clarity.  His desire for the Youth Group is that they have sound theology and a proper understanding of the gospel that works itself out practically in everyday life through evangelism, servanthood, and discipleship.  His prayer for all our youth is to be born again, to honor God in thought, word, and deed.



James Cox & Family

Worship Leader

I grew up a preacher's kid and at age nine I knew I needed a savior.  I gave my life to Jesus, believing in my heart, confessing that Jesus Christ is the risen Son of God.  Music has always been a passion but more importantly a platform to share the Gospel.  Many years as a drummer I enjoyed playing music, rocking out and worshiping God as a team.  I soon picked up a guitar, taught myself how to play, and began leading a small group of students in what it meant to live a life of worship and walk with God.  Through many years of incredible ministry, being a part of things that I never thought would be possible, and seeing God call people out of the darkness and into the light has been amazing, but I believe the best is yet to come.  Several years ago we as a family got to be a part of a church plant.  We needed musicians and at the time there were none.  So I (James), with years of music experience, grabbed by guitar, started kicking a drum, and blowing a harmonica.  It was different and lots of fun.  I began to pray for musicians to join me, little did I know that God was already working.  One day my beautiful wife (Sarah) says I think I will polish off my old piano skills and she began to play along, and is now absolutely amazing and it is fun to watch her make them keys sing!  Next my oldest daughter (Corbyn) comes around and says, hey dad, I can kick that drum!  As a drummer I got excited because this meant I get to teach my daughter the drums, a dream come true!  She began to kick that drum and here we are two years later she is blowing me away with her God given talent!  While all this is taking place my youngest daughter (Mekaylah) was learning piano, auxiliary percussion, and harmonica which eventually lead to a bass guitar.  Today she is a driving force that makes my jaw drop every time we play!  We as a Family get to lead worship and share the gospel together and we are so blessed to be able to serve at Faith Crossing Baptist Church!